Flower Care Basics


Flower Care Basics

by Adam Sholes


Because we use only the freshest available flowers in all of our arrangements and bouquets, it's very easy for you to keep your flowers fresh and lasting, in many cases as long as two weeks. There are just a few basics.

1. Keep your flowers in a cool place that is out of any direct sun and away from all heat sources. Heat sources include such things as heating vents, light bulbs, televisions and computers.

2. Change the water in the vase every three or four days and make sure the water levels stay high. If your arrangement is in foam make sure that you add fresh water every day.

3. Use the packaged preservative that came with your fresh cut bouquet. Don't be afraid to ask for a second packet to use with your water change.

4. Some flowers last a lot longer than others. The longest lasting common flowers are carnations, chrysanthemums (including most daisies) and alstromeria. The shortest lasting common flowers are most of the bulb flowers like tulips and iris, hydrangea, and lilies but even these flowers should last you a week under proper conditions.

5. Enjoy!


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