Flower Care in the Snow

Here we are with another snow storm. If this saddens you, try to remember that your beautiful flowers can bring a little bit of warmth and spring into your life and home!

It is important to remember, however, that your flowers need some care all of their own if they are to live, and continue to brighten up your day!


  • First, when you bring your flowers home, they need a fresh cut on the bottom of the stems to help them drink.
  • Second, the flowers need fresh water, and an abundant supply of it. Be sure to refill the flowers' vase with water regularly.
  • Finally, it may be cold outside, but extreme temperatures can be lethal for your flowers. Keep them in a warm (but not hot) environment, away from extreme temperatures, and temperature fluctuations.


Following these simple guidelines should be enough to ensure your flowers a long, colorful life! Drop by the shop after the snow storm to pick out your next lovely arrangement!

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