Make this a special Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Plans for a Romantic Date

by Heather de Kok on February 2, 2015 at 9:54 am

ExpressYourselfAre you trying to plan an amazing date for your Valentine? Well, look no further. I have the information you need.

Start by thinking about your sweetheart’s preferences. Does she or he like eating out or in? I like focusing on food, as sharing a special dinner is a wonderful activity for a date. Take the cell phones out of your pockets, put them face down on the side of the table so no one is tempted to take the attention away from the other person. I promise, friends, family and even work can wait one night.

Once you decide the where, it’s time for the finishing touches. Dress up. Show up for your date looking your best. Speak in gentle, loving tones. Hold your date’s gaze and smile.

Arrange a Valentine’s Day gift. There is nothing like the gift of flowers to show your sweetheart how much they are loved. A single rose when you pick up your date is beautiful. Consider having the other 11 roses at the restaurant on the table. I once had a date show up at my door with one rose, had five more roses at the restaurant and then he took me to a chocolatier for dessert and the last six roses were there waiting for us. (I eventually married the guy.)

This romantic plan works with all types of flowers. Try flowers in her favorite color. If you don’t know her favorite color, you can’t go wrong with the traditional romantic colors of reds and pinks.

FB-V-day-Heather-hrAnother idea: Have flowers delivered to your sweetheart at work during the days leading up to Valentine’s Day with a note saying you have something special planned (perhaps a dinner you made?). Even at the beginning of the week, you could start wowing her with a beautiful floral gift.

Above all, tell your sweetheart why they are so special to you. Go beyond ordinary and think deeply about why this person really matters to you — stretch that word “love” into something with real meaning.

If you do something you know that your sweetheart will love, you will end up with one Valentine who won’t soon forget how wonderful you were on the most romantic day of the year.


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