Summer Flower Series - Marigolds

If you're looking for a gorgeous flower that can bloom annually, all summer long, look no further than the beautiful marigold. This annual is very popular, and with good reason, as it adds a splash of golden color to any garden or arrangement.

Species of Marigold

There are fifty or more species of marigold, but most that we see fall into one of three categories. The first variety is very tall, three to five feet. These are the so-called "American marigolds" and thrive in dry heat. The second type is the French marigold, which are shorter and wider. They tend to grow between six and twenty-four inches. Last are the rock-garden marigolds, who also like dry heat. These are noteworthy because their flowers are actually edible.

Planting Marigolds

American marigolds, growing slower than the other varieties, should be planted towards the end of spring (after the danger of hard frost has passed) while rock-garden and French marigolds can be successfully planted anytime through midsummer.

Marigolds should be planted in full sunlight. They have a high tolerance for heat and do well even in very hot summers. They like soil that is dry and moderately fertile, so some granular fertilizer can be used. How far apart the seeds should be planted depends on the species. Rock-garden and French do okay around weight to ten inches apart, but the bigger American variety need at least ten to twelve inches of space between them.

A Summer Favorite

Marigolds are a yearly favorite, among florists, gardeners, and anyone who wants a splash of color in their homes and lives! Come to the Black Opal Florist to see what kind of marigold pieces we have to offer!

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