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One of the most enjoyable parts of being a local florist is getting to visit and the many local towns we service and deliver to. As a real, brick and mortar business and store, we grow to have a closeness and familiarity with our neighbors and customers that order-gatherers simply never achieve. We know our customers, we know our towns, and we know what our people want to see in their flowers. Perhaps the best known of these local towns is our own hometown of North Attleboro. Certainly, most of our orders are sent there, and it is there that our shop is located, there that we make our home. The nearby town of Attleboro is another place where our work is popular, and is situated close to our shop. Close to that is the beautiful town of Mansfield, where we have seen an increase in deliveries in recent months. A fourth town to which we see a lot of flowers being sent is Norton, another place where business is on the rise of late.

North Attleboro

North Attleboro is our hometown, and the center of our operations. Located at 111 North Washington St, we see more orders and walk-ins from North Attleboro than anywhere else on the map.

Of late, we have seen a large number of orders from our website directed towards North Attleboro. Perhaps the most popular piece is the “Basket of Love” arrangement.

Basket of love flowers in North Attleboro, MA

This is a truly beautiful piece, and a very popular gift for that special someone in your life. It contains gorgeous red and pink roses, with lavender and purple daisies, all brought together to create one lovely piece. This was especially popular this past Valentine’s Day among those trying to show their loved ones just how much they mean to them.

Another well loved piece is the Bold and Beautiful Cube arrangement. Between the roses, lilies, and spider mums, this piece brings together a number of beautiful elements to create one “bold” arrangement.

As popular as our flower arrangements are, some people prefer something alive that they can take care of and nurture. In these cases, one possible option is a Bountiful European Dish Garden. Easy to care for and hand arranged, this is another popular choice for our North Attleboro customers, and one that we highly recommend to those who love indoor plants. I might add that we have a number of other dish gardens available as well! Take a look on our website to see what we have to offer!

Who doesn’t love getting something nice on their birthday? Our Birthday Brilliance arrangement is designed for exactly that. Made up of spray roses and sunflowers, this piece is great for any celebration! And don’t forget the birthday balloons!

It should come as no surprise that red roses are a favorite here, and everywhere else! Traditionally, one arranges a full dozen long stem red roses as a gift for their beloved. Here, we take it a step further with a dozen and a half! Eighteen red roses with Monte Casino blooms for a gift they’re sure to love!

A piece good for any occasion is our Peruvian Lily Romance Bouquet. Very colorful, bright, and cheerful, this arrangement is for birthdays, romance, or just to show someone you care. Made up of alstroemeria and pittosporum, and wrapped in a red satin bow.

Some of the most fun I have as a florist is seeing all the cute stuffed animal plushies that come in, and one of my favorites is this teddy bear! A cute bear with a bud vase containing a single, beautiful red rose and Monte Casino, everyone is sure to love this!

As our hometown, we feel a certain closeness to North Attleboro and its people. Nothing makes us happier than brightening up the day of one of our local customers, so if you’re in the area, you are always welcome to drop in and see what we have special going on that day!


Just twenty minutes away from North Attleboro lies beautiful Norton, MA. Home to Wheaton College and a PGA tour tournament, Norton is a very popular destination for Black Opal Flowers. As the premier Norton florist, we regularly make deliveries of flowers to this picturesque town. Here are some of the most popular flowers in Norton!

Some flower arrangements are just great for any day and any occasion. This is one of them! The Beautiful Day arrangement includes beautiful roses and carnations, rounding out a lovely piece for anyone. One recent customer actually sent this as a birthday gift to their loved one.

Sometimes we just need to offer comfort to those close to us. The Peace and Healing arrangement is a beautiful way to do just that. With pink and lavender roses, pink snapdragon, and pink carnations, the piece offers a soothing, peaceful pastel theme to bring some comfort to its recipient.


Local Mansfield Florist Shop

Mansfield holds a special place in our hearts, and we show it in the flowers we deliver to this little town. A suburb of Boston and near Providence, RI, Mansfield is a hub of local activity. Like all our towns, Mansfield has its favorite flowers, both for pickup and delivery. Mansfield gets daily deliveries from our dedicated florists and drivers, including a number of pieces chosen directly from our website.

Flowers are always a great gift, no matter the occasion. The Topiary Greetings piece is always appropriate. Lilies, roses, and alstromeria, all in yellow, accent a green trachelium and hypericum, and never forget the butterfly!


Do flowers make you smile? They do here! And also in Mansfield. The Flowers Make Me Smile Bouquet is a local favorite, bringing cheer and joy to many in the region. Whenever we deliver a piece like this, whose yellow and white daisies round out a beautiful yellow “smiley face,” we know someone’s day is about to get better! ”Mansfield

One of the Black Opal’s founders’ favorite color is purple, so The Shades of Purple arrangement holds a special place in all of our hearts. The flowers and ribbon are all beautiful shades of purple. We include roses, stock, carnations, alstromeria, and lilies, all lavender or purple colors. Another Mansfield favorite, and who can blame them?



Flowers for Attleboro

If North Attleboro is our business’ center, Attleboro is a very close inner circle. We have dozens of pleased, loyal customers in Attleboro and South Attleboro, and we take great joy in delivering the best of the best of flowers to them and everyone in town!

There’s nothing like a classic favorite, and that includes flowers. Perhaps the most popular piece in Attleboro is the Dozen Red Roses. This piece’s popularity is well known, and certainly well deserved. 1-800-FLOWERS calls it “The definitive floral masterpiece, the perfect gift.”


Here at the Black Opal Florist, we are big time dog lovers! We have an adorable dog of our own, whom some have suggested be made the shop’s mascot. In the meantime, we love putting together A-Dog-Able arrangements, bringing together our loves of dogs and flowers. One such piece recently delivered to Attleboro is the 1-800-Flowers It’s-A-Dog-Able Baby. There are few events more joyous than the birth of a baby, and this dog is here to celebrate it with you! With a dog molded from carnations, surrounded by colorful blooms, and the option to pick “Baby Boy” or “Baby Girl” this is a wonderful surprise for the new parents!


We have to admit that, at the time of this writing, the weather isn’t as beautiful as it could be. Chilly days and cold nights can dampen anyone’s spirits. So why not counteract that with some beautiful flowers? The “A Day At The Beach” piece brings the warmth and joy of summer to any time of year. Bring home some truly balmy weather with this arrangement for yourself, your family, and anyone excited for the nice weather!


Visit Us!

The Black Opal Florist prides itself on being the premier local florist for Norton, Mansfield, Attleboro, and North Attleboro and we are always delighted to fulfill your floral needs. Check out our website any time to see the pieces featured in this article, and scores of other arrangements just waiting for you to find and discover. Whatever your occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary, a moment of sympathy, or just to show your love and affection, we are your one-stop shop. If you would rather see us in person, come in any time and visit our shop in downtown North Attleboro. We look forward to seeing you.

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