Valentine's Flowers Pitfalls

How To Order Valentine Roses and Flowers Successfully


Ordering flowers is a lot like walking through a swamp with your eyes closed . It’s very easy to fall in.There is,however,certain rules that take away the risk. Here are the most important things to remember so that no one gets  disappointed.

  1. Order from a real local florist . That’s a lot easier said than done because so many or the “order gatherers” pretend to be and even lie about being local. When you Google Florists in your town skip the ads at the top of the page but also keep in mind that many of the so called shops showing up are really call centers that should be avoided at all costs. I’ve seen these people first hand lie to customers about being in that town when, in fact, they are very far away. Maybe even another country. Google the company before you place the order and see if you can get an actual  address. If you can’t, move on.

  2. If you can’t find a local florist then go to 1800flowers   or FTD. They are both reputable companies and they will find a trust worthy florist for you.

  3. Never ever order an item that says “shipped in a gift box”. Most of the complaints received by these companies  are for those products. Always order the ones that say “delivered by local florist.

  4. Order early! Now is the time! If you wait until Valentine’s  the  you might not be able to get  what  you  want when  you  want  it .  

  5. Have all the information and make sure it’s correct. Name, full address and phone.

  6. Always sign your card. Don’t assume the recipient will know who they are from.

  7. Remember, when it comes to flowers you get what you pay for. Cheap discounted flowers are exactly that and the recipient will know it.

  8. Call us with questions. We will always go out of our way to help you.

This Valentine's Day, order from the finest Foxboro and Mansfield florist for Valentine's roses and flowers!

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