Alstromeria- Your questions answered



by Adam Sholes

Part Four of Our Fun Facts About Flowers Series


The fourth in our series of blogs about popular flowers is on Alstromeria.

Alstromeria is extremely popular both because of the wide range of colors that it comes in  and also it's extremely long vase life. Also known as Peruvian Lily as well as Lily of the Incas it is actually not a lily at all but it does resembe a miniature one.

It was originally native only to South America, more specifically Brazil and Peru, but grows extremely well in the US (Zone 7 and higher) as well as Mexico and other countries.

Alstromeria symbolizes friendship and devotion. It was names after the Sweedish botanist Baron Klas Von Alstromer who lived in the 1700's.

Alstromeria does not have a fragrance.

While it is definitely a florist favorite it does have one down side for some people. Many florists, after prolongued exposure (years) develop an allergy to it just as a nurse might develop an allergy to latex gloves. The allergy takes the form of a skin rash. I know this rash first hand and the only way to prevent it is to wear nitrile gloves. 

Alstromeria is grown commercially in The United States, Mexico, South America, Holland, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and other countries.

More information on alstromeria.

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