Flower of the Month Series - January - Carnation


Beautiful carnationsCarnations are among the most beautiful and popular cultivated flowers in the world. They come in many different colors, sizes, and styles, each with its own historical and traditional meaning. Carnations have been cultivated for at least two thousand years, and originate in Europe and Asia. They are well known to have come from Greece. In fact, their proper name in Greek, Dianthus, translates roughly to "Flower of the Gods."


Growing Carnations

Carnations are easy to grow from cuttings taken from existing plants, or can be grown from seeds. They need full sunlight every day, for at least four to five hours a day. Soil should be well drained, and slightly alkaline for best results. Growers should avoid over watering, otherwise the plant's leaves can turn yellow. Temperature should be kept around 50 to 59 degrees F in the day time and 41 to 46 degrees F at night.

Carnations Traditional Meanings

Carnations of different colors mean different things to different people. Deep red indicates love, and can be given as a gift to symbolize such. White carnations mean good luck. In France, purple carnations are often used as funeral flowers. Ever since 1907, carnations have been the flowers most associated with Mother's Day. Also, of course, carnations are the Birth Flower for those born in January.

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