Halloween Is Coming!

Flowers Around Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with our orange roses and carnations. Purple colored flowers add a splash of vibrant, albeit seasonably dark, color to your arrangements. Beautiful orange and red colored fall leaves round out these autumnal pieces.

Looking for something beautiful but spooky? Take a look at our Witchy Pooch piece, bringing a little magic wherever it goes, with its carnation dog, fall leaves, and Mylar balloon. This is just one of many popular arrangements for this time of year. People love the red and orange flowers that reflect in the falling leaves outside. Like the foliage? Bring it home with you!

Flowers and Halloween Traditions

What’s more iconic of Halloween than the orange pumpkin, the glowing jack-o-lantern? We have pumpkins galore at the Black Opal! Our Pumpkin Petals arrangement is a fun way of keeping this tradition! If you’re a fan of pumpkin spice, we have a fragrant bouquet in a form of the ever popular Martini Bouquet, with hints of pumpkin spice.

In the mood for something a little spookier? How about the white and black Spooky Skull?With these all white carnations and other blooms, this piece is great for celebrating this creepy time of year. We’ve already seen the witchy porch, but what’s a witch without her cat? We have everyone’s favorite nighttime creature in the Purrfect Potions Fabulous Feline! Orange and purple flowers with her own witch’s hat.

Halloween is a fun time of year for everyone! Whether you’re entertaining trick or treaters, hosting a party, or celebrating alone, make us part of the festivities and bring home some flowers!

Halloween Flowers

The best flowers for the season at the Black Opal

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