Stock- a plain name for a gorgeous flower


by Adam Sholes

Part Six of Our Fun Facts About Flowers Series


One of my personal favorites of all the flowers that I use everyday in making my designs is Stock. While the name is very ordinary the flower is among the most beautiful and has an incredibly attractive fragrance simillar to cinnamon or cloves

Originally from the Mediteranean, stock is now grown all over the world but some of the most beautiful commercially grown stock comes from farms in California.

Stock is a very meaningful flower. Some of it's symbolism includes a long life filled with happiness and success, contentment, everlasting beauty and spiritual purity. It's the perfect flower to celebrate any occaision and is very popular for use in weddings because it's the perfect way for a husband to tell his wife that he will always consider her the most beauiful woman in the world

Stock, if purchased fresh from a good florist, has a vase life of 5-8 days. It is important to change the water every couple of days and make sure that none of the foliage falls below the water line.

The purple flower in the picture is stock and this beautiful arrangement is available on our website.

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