Summer Flower Series - Snapdragon

One of the most beautiful and popular summer flowers are the snapdragon. We proudly stock gorgeous flowers, all grown locally in the Northeast and Massachusetts. If you are looking for a nice, attractive flower to give or keep this summer, the snapdragon may be a good choice.

Growing Snapdragons

Snapdragons can be grown from seed indoors, and then outside from potted plants.

Indoor Growing

Indoor seeds should be sown twelve weeks before last frost. Seeds should be sown thinly, not covered with soil. Snapdragons like it moist, so keep them well irrigated, and at room temperature (snapdragon seeds grow best at 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with the soil somewhat cool). Once the seedlings surface around one to two weeks into growth, the plants can either be kept in sunlight or under a fluorescent plant light, kept lit for 16 hours a day. After the last heavy frost, seedlings can be transplanted into the outdoor garden.

Outdoor Growing

Potted snapdragons like full sun with rich, moist soil, that has been turned to a depth of 8 inches. Give them enough space, with about 6 to 12 inches between them. Bury the plants' root balls so that the top is even with the soil around the hole, then fill in leaving an indent in the soil to hold water. Water well, leaving a puddle in the indentation.

Snapdragons are wildly popular, and we stock only the most beautiful flowers. Come by this summer, or check out our website to get some for your friends, loved ones, or even yourself!

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