Summer Flower Series - Sunflowers

Summer Flowers: Sunflowers

I am pleased to announce the start of our new seasonal series on summer flowers, and today we will be starting with one of our all time favorites: the sunflower!

Sunflowers are tall annuals, well known for their heavy, beautiful golden (and sometimes red) heads. Everyone has seen them growing tall in the fields, up to sixteen feet in height, bringing a splash of color to any garden.

So how are these gorgeous flowers grown? Well, as you probably guessed from the name, sunflowers love the sun. They flourish best when given six to eight hours a day of direct sunlight. Their long roots mean that they do well in well-dug soil, about two feet down and three feet across. They also do best in nutrient rich soil.

Caring for the plants requires a few points to guarantee success. Water around the root base of the small plants, and when they are larger water less frequently, though deeper to encourage the roots to grow deep. It is important not to overfeed the plants, as too much can cause the stems to weaken and break later in their life cycles.

Watch this space for more Summer Flower Series articles!

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