A-Dog-Able Dog Flowers Available at Black Opal

A-Dog-Able Dog Flowers and Dog Flower Arrangements

Do you love flowers? Do you love dogs? So do we! Our A-Dog-Able dog flower pieces are some of the most popular arrangements we offer! The pieces are comprised of white carnations arranged in the shape of an adorable dog or puppy, complete with ears, nose, and snout. We offer a wide selection of dog flower arrangements to suit your every need, event, and occasion.

Putting together a dog flower arrangement is a process in itself. We arrange the white dianthus carnations into the shape of the paws and face. Once the general shape has been established, we add the nose and eyes with hot glue. Next comes the accessories. Perhaps this dog has a birthday hat on, or a band-aid with a “Get Well Soon” mylar balloon. Again, our puppies are ready for all occasions. Around Independence Day, we offer a Yankee Doodle Doggy, completely outfitted with an American flag and patriotic bow scarf around her neck. Other dogs come with gift boxes to climb out of for parties and fun events. The other flowers that accent the carnations vary as well, based on what kind of dog arrangement we are looking at. Some have roses while some have carnations, or other beautiful flowers.

Here are some of our favorite dog flower arrangements, we’re sure you’ll love them too!

Sick As A Dog

Know someone who is feeling under the weather? Maybe a friend or loved one who has the sniffles? Or maybe something a bit more? Whether you or your loved one is camped out on the couch at home with a box of tissues, or convalescing in a more intensive treatment center, we have this adorable “Sick As A Dog” dog floral arrangement.

The Sick As A Dog arrangement includes our standard A-Dog-Able dog flowers, handcrafted from gorgeous white carnations, accented with beautiful yellows. Yellow Gerbera daisies and daisy poms round out the piece, with solidago and pittosporum. Puppy has a lovely willow dog bed basket to sit in, as befitting a dog of her station. The dog also has a cute little black nose and eyes hot glued onto the carnations to make a face any pet dog would be proud of! Finally, the puppy comes with a decorative band-aid on her boo-boo.

Sick As A Dog is definitely our most popular A-Dog-Able piece. From the band-aid to the “Get Well Soon” mylar balloon it is paired with, we have a dog bouquet sure to lift the spirits of anyone you know who isn’t feeling their best. Happiness and laughter truly are the best medicines, and this cute little pup brings both!

If someone you know is sick, injured, or just not feeling their best, take this opportunity to show them some love and care. We have a wide selection of get well soon flowers for anyone who needs a little lift. We happily deliver to the home or hospital. In fact, we provide Sturdy Memorial Hospital’s gift shop with all of their flowers on a weekly basis! So if you have recently visited a loved one at Sturdy, chances are good that you’re familiar with our handy work!

Another Year Rover

Celebrating someone special’s birthday? Commemorate their special day with this A-Dog-Able arrangement! Who wouldn’t love to be told happy birthday by this sweet little puppy?

The piece is our standard dog flower, made from top quality white carnations, complete with the cute little eyes, nose, and ears. She comes wearing a festive party hat complete with celebratory ribbons and confetti. Other flowers include red mini carnations, Athos poms, lavender monte casino, purple statice, and assorted greenery. Puppy has a willow dog bed basket to curl up in, for an adorable effect! We can also add a beautiful Happy Birthday mylar balloon for an even more celebratory piece!

Party Pooch

Another happy birthday piece for those in the mood for a party! The Party Pooch knows how to bring the celebration! This dog comes popping out of a ceramic container designed by one of our best artists, designed to look like a wrapped gift. The container itself is a keepsake, and can be kept and reused long after puppy has vacated it. Puppy is made of white carnations, accented with red mini carnations, athos poms, yellow daisy poms, purple monte casino, and assorted greenery. Also, don’t forget the Happy Birthday mylar balloon!

Love Pup

The final piece in our parade of puppy flowers is the Love Pup. For any romantic occasion! The Love Pup comes made from the usual white carnations, but has a cute little bow on her head. Other flowers include mini red carnations, purple statice, pink waxflower, and assorted greenery. She comes with a single red rose, to show your affection for the recipient.

Bring home your A-Dog-Able puppy today!

Here at The Black Opal Florist, we take great pride in our work, and no one cares more about our dog flowers than we do. As proud dog parents, we see some of our furry friend in every piece we do. So come to our website and order your A-Dog-Able today!

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